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A ‘Tow Seat’, Really?

I had the wackiest, most vivid dream last week. I don’t know that it means anything, or if it does mean something, I probably don’t really want to know what exactly. I’ll just write it off to how crazy work … Continue reading

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Spaghetti vs. Waffles

I was driving my 16 year-old son to school yesterday morning. It was the normal non-conversational drive, complete with earbuds stuffed in his ears. To try and start conversation, I asked him what he was thinking about. He replied, ‘Nothing’. We … Continue reading


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The Early Birdie

As I sit here, having my morning coffee at 3:45 AM, I can’t help wonder what makes me the early riser. Is it a genetic deficiency? Is it restlessness? Is it that stupid timer on the thermostat that allows the … Continue reading

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