No Texting While Doing Either!

Well, we did it. We searched and searched, and finally found my son Connor his first car. It was a huge day for the young man. The day we picked up the car was liberating, exciting … one of the rights of passage for the lad as he moves towards adulthood. Jokingly, I made a comment to him that this was very serious business, requiring great focus, and his complete and utter attention. To make the point, I continued in stating that only two things that required that much focus; driving … and sex. He had a good laugh, but the comment stuck with him, and certainly stuck with me.

Oddly, if you really stop and think about it … it is so true. As a person moves towards adulthood, these two topics share many common characteristics. Both topics are exciting, new, unknown, and represent substantial amounts of anxiety. More than any two other topics, driving and sex require complete, focused consideration. For more than anything else, a mistake during either has the potential to impact many lives. Neither should be undertaken without completely understanding all the ramifications.

So, with tongue in cheek a bit, I would like to encourage all the young men and women out there to consider my “top ten” before engaging in either of these two endeavors:

  • Stop for just a moment, and consider what responsibilities you are accepting before you begin.
  • Remind yourself every time that a moment of poor judgment has the potential of impacting you, as well as others, for the rest of your lives.
  • This is very serious business; make sure you are completely focused and giving it your undivided attention.
  • Above all, there should be NO texting while doing either!
  • In your lives, you will likely be involved in foul-ups and accidents … you’ll have to figure out what went wrong, adjust your approach and move on.
  • Consuming alcohol before either is very dangerous indeed.
  • Don’t worry, you will get better and that clueless feeling will subside at some point down the road.
  • You will need a teacher, and you should listen to them. If they don’t give you great instruction, get a better teacher.
  • Protective equipment is a MUST for both activities.
  • At both, lots of practice will make you better. And listen … SLOW DOWN and take your time. Really, what is the rush?

Regardless of my light-hearted tone, I completely realize the serious, and dangerous, nature of these critical years. These are the roads that must be traversed for our children to move into adulthood. I, along with so many parents out there, pray for safe passage. But as much as we don’t like it, it is time for us to climb into the backseat and trust them to start to take control of their own lives.

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