Epilogue: Fading Italy

Back in March, I wrote a piece called Italy is a Little Further Away Today. You may find it here (https://jimhoefflin.wordpress.com/2010/03/20/italy-is-a-little-further-away/) but in short, it spoke of the great childhood memories created over the years by my extended Italian relatives. At that time, my Great Auntie Mary had passed away and reminded me of those incredible memories, and how delicate the weave to our heritage truly is. Today, I was back in Holy Rosary Church on behalf of her husband of 64 years Sam.

With Sam’s passing, for many people a chapter of their heritage has closed. For between Sam’s two sisters, Mary’s four sisters, and her only brother Dominic (who was my grandfather), and all of their spouses, there were sixteen links to that specific family community; and Sam was the last. There was very little to say today. The occasion was more expected. It was a stark reminder that the future relentlessly turns into the present.

While Italy again feels even further away for me, and for most of the people in Holy Rosary this morning, I hope that Mary and Sam are back home together, hosting a picnic, serving a feast, and happily bantering back at forth in the way I remember from all those years ago.

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2 Responses to Epilogue: Fading Italy

  1. Carolyn Patitucci says:

    Dear Jim,

    Thank you for sending me this blog and thank you for being there yesterday.
    We agree that yesterday was the closing on an era for the rest of us. It was a time to send off Sam, a very sweet man. It was a time to remember our youth and the memories that Sam and Mary and Dominic’s generation created for us. And it was a reminder that for Ralph and I and your parents we are now the oldest generation. And of course we are pinching ourselves. How did we get to this spot?

    Hoping to come up with some way to keep the family in touch.



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