No Lament for Summer

I know that a lot of people are suffering a bit of the ‘end of summer’ blues’. You can see it in their faces, read it in their postings, and hear it in the tone of their voices. It is quite understandable. We have had an absolutely spectacular summer here in Wisconsin. The balance of hot summer days and ample rain created a summer that felt like a super-heated extension of spring. While there was plenty of hot and sun, there were no dusty, dry dog days. It was all spectacular.

But now the days are shortening, and the sun is retreating south. Yet, I would submit it is equally as incredible and enjoyable. Personally, I love the early morning crispness to the air and the slightly cooler days. It signals the arrival of so many spectacular things. For the riders in the crowd, whether it be bicycles, motorcycles or horses, this is the best riding weather … warm enough to ride, yet cool enough to avoid being cooked. For the football fans, the season has kicked off and provides the promise of an entertaining season to come. For the baseball fans, it is ‘go time’ … the final stretch running into the Series. For all of us in the northern states, it won’t be long before the leaves begin to change color, painting landscape pictures before our very eyes that we watch unfold over days and weeks. For the sleepers and snoozers among us, it is the time when the air conditioners are shutdown, the windows are opened up, and the nights drop to temperatures that make you curl up under a pile of blankets.

For all these reasons, and so many more, while I will certainly miss the summer I am very happy about the promise of a spectacular fall season. There are so many great days unfolding before us. Time to break out the football and toss it around, time to strap on your gear and go for a long ride, time to fire up the grills and have some great cookouts or time to do whatever you like to do that is enhanced by a little less searing weather and more spectacular scenery.

So, if you must lament for summer, please try to keep it brief, or you may miss some of the most beautiful fall days. I wish everyone a very enjoyable change of seasons.

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