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Stranger in a Strange Land

It has been over six months since I moved into a completely new role and industry. Back in June of last year, I wrote about going through transition and how many people find it so intimidating and difficult. At that … Continue reading

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The Unintentional Executive, Vol. II

One of the most interesting phenomena occurring in the business world is the attraction to the business book. I know, I see the irony in talking about business books in a blog. More specifically, however, I am speaking about the tendency at … Continue reading

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A Hot Shave, Mister?

I have been thinking about the hot shave I had yesterday. It was only the third time in my life, all in recent months, that I have tried this particular experience. Going into it, I held a romanticized image in my … Continue reading

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A Wild, Wild, Wild, Wild Weekend

Ah yes … it really doesn’t get any better than the NFL playoffs. And if you love football, then you likely really love wildcard weekend. With only a fraction of the pomp and circumstance, the wildcard games always seem to … Continue reading

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