To Be or Not to Be

Throughout my life, I haven’t been that much of a health club person. In my 20’s, I belonged to Vic Tanny’s, which we jokingly referred to as ‘Big Fannies’. In reality, I probably visited that club a dozen times… maybe 20 at most. It was offered through my employer, and I carried that premier membership for a couple of decades, through the change to Bally’s, just because it was a deal I couldn’t give up. Eventually, they lost track of me, or I of them, and it expired. Through my 30’s and 40’s, between traveling extensively and my trusty treadmill in the basement, a club membership just didn’t make sense. A year ago, however, the move to condo living forced me to find some way to keep my ‘Big Fanny’ moving. After looking around, I decided on be Fitness, which is a short stroll away from home.

It seemed like a reasonable place. And in reality, I was simply looking to hit the treadmill three or four times a week, and if I got ambitious, maybe throw around some weights. The building itself is three floors of equipment, workout areas, specialty rooms and everything else a state-of-the-art club should have. For the most part, I have confined myself to one of the half dozen Woodway treadmills; the absolute Sherman Tanks of the treadmill world. From that vantage point, I have become part of the workout society at be.

On weekends, I am usually greeted by Luke from his command post behind the front desk. He is a tall personable young man that looks like a cross between Justin Bieber and Ashton Kutcher. A quick wave of his hand and the phrase, “Gotcha’ Jim”, saves me the trouble of digging out my membership card. After my workout, he is quite happy to blend up a Chocolate Elvis be smoothie, which at 400 calories likely puts me right back into negative territory. Ah well, at least I know the workout was good for my heart.

One of the personal trainers, Jeff, is always there to help out with questions or provide advice. The collection of people in be have become familiar over time, each working through their individual workout schedules. During the week, there is a distinct ‘get down to business and get out’ air to activity. It is obvious their time is limited and they have places to be. On the weekends, the pace is relaxed, punctuated by groups of women or men congregating and chatting for extended periods of time. On some days, they are talking when I arrive and still talking when I leave. I wonder if they ever get their workout in.

Now that I am about a year into the be world, I find myself looking forward to hanging around the club a bit. It isn’t because I am really that gung ho about working out, because I am not. Working out is still… well, working out. But since I am going to do it, I am glad I found a club that is a supportive and comfortable place to be in be.

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2 Responses to To Be or Not to Be

  1. Susan says:

    Your description of Luke is right on the money (he is a friend of sarah’s)!

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