An Ode: For Mothers I Know

Today is Mother’s Day, and I hope so very much that all of the mothers I know out there are going to have an incredible day. Each and every one of you deserve so much recognition and appreciation that likely everything we say and do today won’t be quite enough. So, I want to try and put it down in black and white. While I don’t profess to understand everything that it is to be a mother, I certainly try to appreciate it fully with my simple male mind. In my goofy, twisted way … I think I am getting closer. For years, I have been telling my son Connor that there are only two things that make the world go ’round; women and babies. Everything else is in support of those two essential elements. And on Mother’s Day, from our stunted male point of view, we try to let our moms, and mothers everywhere, know how we feel.

For the mother-to-be I know that is anticipating the birth of her first baby and all of the joys and worries that are yet to unfold, may you and your baby be healthy and safe, and all of your dreams come true. For the mother that just lost her unborn baby, may you find comfort and warmth with your family, and have as many more children as you desire. Even though it wasn’t nearly enough, I did my best to show compassion and support. For the mother that is on maternity leave, I hope every day is relaxing and strengthens the bond between you and your baby. For the mother that has just returned to work, I hope your transition is as smooth as possible. I am sure it is difficult to not have him in your arms all day.

For the mother that has just moved her two girls to a different city, different schools and a different home, may every day be better than the previous. I hope you find new and wonderful things. We can’t wait to come see you. For the mother that is about to pack up her entire clan, may you and your family find yourselves exactly where you want to be. For all the single mothers I know, facing so many daily challenges on their own and having to display such strength and fearlessness in front of their children, may you have the support network you deserve and keep faith in your own abilities. You do such remarkable things, every single day. For the mother I know that pushes forward everyday after surviving the loss of her son, your inner strength goes deeper than I can begin to understand. I hope your grandchildren temper your loss and rejuvenate your inner joy. For the mothers I know that are getting their babies ready for college, or have just sent them off, may you take consolation in the fact you have wonderfully prepared your child for the challenges they will face. They will do great things.

For the mother of our son, who works so hard every single day to make sure Connor has absolutely everything he needs and makes every day special for him, may you see today just what an incredible job you are doing. He is a spectacular young man, and so very much because of you. And for my mother, I hope you know how much I appreciate everything you did, and do, for me. When I think back on my childhood, it is quite remarkable how special you made each of us feel. The passion you infused, the sacrifices you made, and the support you gave are the underlying fabric that makes each of us who we are. It makes us able to go out and live our lives, and play our parts in making sure the world keeps going ’round. We love you and thank you Mom … Happy Mother’s Day.

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