Hey Bailey, I Don’t Understand!

Dear Bailey,

Something has changed, but I don’t understand. My humans are trying to tell me something. The one that feeds me, smells nice, and walks me most of the time sat with me all yesterday. The2005, Q4 182 other one, that wrestles with me and doesn’t have any fur up top, was telling me my friend Bailey is gone. They had that strange water coming from their eyes. I can tell they are sad.

But I don’t understand. I only know “Bailey”, my first and best friend. I only know of meeting you when I was a crazy little puppy, and chasing and annoying you relentlessly. I only know hanging on your ears and pestering you like you were my big sister. I only know when I hear your name, I remember how you taught me to wrestle, how you would wait for me to grab the toy you held so you could swing your hips around and knock me sideways. That was so much fun.

When we got a little older and bigger, I remember big wrestling matches in the house … and getting told to go outside. We couldn’t help it if we knocked a few things over. What was the big deal? And I remember walking around the neighborhoods once a year with those smaller humans all dressed up in costumes. That was a little scary for me, but you never seemed to mind.

2007, Q2 002

I came to your new house to see you because it had been such a long time. I could tell you didn’t feel well, and it made me sad. You were sleeping even more than I do, and we both know how much I like my sleep. But, I was so happy to see you because it had been such a long time. Now, my humans … they are trying to tell me something, but I don’t understand. All I understand when I hear “Bailey” is my good, happy and fun friend. Every time somebody says your name, and I hear it a lot so everyone must know you and love you, I think of my best friend that taught me so much, was never mean to me, and was so nice to hang out with. When I hear “Bailey”, I always get happy and perk my ears, looking around to see where you are … but most of the of the time you aren’t there. You must have already gone someplace else. I know you’ll be there someday, but until then, I will be missing you.

2007, Q2 005Love and kisses,

Your dear friend,


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2 Responses to Hey Bailey, I Don’t Understand!

  1. I’m sorry for your loss, Jim! It’s always hard to loose a family member.

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