It’s Time to Ramble On

It has a been a most spectacular three and a half years. To all my co-workers, schoolmates, friends and family in Orlando, I really cannot express how wonderful the experience has been, and how much I have learned from all of you. I hope I have created some positive impact and maybe taught you a thing or two along the way. I am most certain, I have left you laughing at least once or twice.

We worked tirelessly over the last three years to build a company out of some disparate parts and pieces. It was rewarding, fulfilling and educational. It was fun, exhilarating and exhausting. At times it seemed insurmountable, but we persevered. We shared the most exciting wins and the joys of marriages and new babies. We suffered and supported each other through professional setbacks and horrific personal losses. We pulled together and were hugely successful, and because of the shared experience, we are forever linked. Truth be told, there is a business book (or at least a Harvard Business Review Case Study), to be written about our journey.

As the sun breaks the horizon and illuminates Lake Eola, now we think about what the future holds. As Robert Plant sings in the line from that classic song “When magic filled the air”, we should look at it and see this as a completely magical time. For all of you, please take the opportunity to help drive our company to the next level. For me, I look at that sunrise and wonder where I’ll be watching it a few months from now. Maybe it will be here, but most likely not.

While you must understand how sad it makes me to leave, and how much I will miss everyone, there is a tremendous excitement about what’s next bubbling inside me. I had to chuckle this morning about an entry I wrote five years ago called Transitionary Times (, and how relevant it is today. So as we explore the possible, and begin our next journeys, I would say “Thanks to you, I’m much obliged for such a pleasant stay.”

It’s time to ramble on …

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