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It’s Time to Ramble On

It has a been a most spectacular three and a half years. To all my co-workers, schoolmates, friends and family in Orlando, I really cannot express how wonderful the experience has been, and how much I have learned from all … Continue reading

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Building a Dream Under the Arizona Sun

At 3:26 AM on this mid-October morning, I am unable to sleep any further into the Mountain Time Zone morning. I lay awake wondering what the day will bring. I have never participated in a community build project, but many … Continue reading

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Space or No Space, Is That The Question?

I was flying back to Orlando a couple weeks back, and preparing for a big meeting. Crammed in my middle seat, I was tapping away on my presentation. I was adding a bit of content, but for the most part, … Continue reading

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The Unintentional Executive, Vol. IX

Like many of you, I have been in the business world for quite some time. Early in my career, I remember being intrigued by the process of Strategic Planning, and the resulting Business Plans. They seemed so critical to business, … Continue reading

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The Unintentional Executive, Vol. VIII

We had a discussion the other day on what it means to be a sales-oriented culture. In our services business, while we have to create strong marketing practices to drive awareness and ample qualified and interested leads, we undoubtedly need … Continue reading

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